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The ideal accessories for Small, medium -sized and large dogs

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Most four -legged friends constantly accompany their owner on one Car seat for dogs. After all, this is a unique opportunity to spend time together, to explore many new places and simply take a walk in the forest or outside the city. When caring parents buy a car seat for their children, not everyone thinks about the safety of their pets at the same time.

A Car seat for dogs is considered a luxury item, since the animal fits comfortably into the owner's arms or choose a place under the car seat. But do you know how many animals are killed or injured in a car accident? Statistics show that about 40 % of dogs die in the car in a frontal collision from cars and another 30 % seriously injured.

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Why do you need one Dog seat in your car And how does one Car seat for dogs out of?

At first glance there is a Car seat for dogs Nothing more than a luxury good for the four -legged friend. In reality, it is able to save not only the life and health of the animal, but also of the other passengers. Based on long -term studies, experts have found that most accidents are due to the driver's inattentiveness.

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  • The driver often distracts himself through conversations with passengers, food or fleeting communication with his pet in the back seat. This is sufficient so that a devastating situation on the street quickly arises and not only endangering the life of the four -legged friend, but that of all inmates.

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  • It is not uncommon for a motorcyclist that is overriding by a rumping motorcyclist or an unexpected and sudden sound frighten a dog. In panic he can then jump to the front seat and provoke a fatal accident. The ideal solution: the purchase of a Dogs Autositzes.

  • Veterinarians also remind you that the view from the side window in dogs with weak vestibular apparatus often leads to symptoms of travel sickness. The owner cannot always get his pet to lie calm while driving, but the natural curiosity of the four -legged friend still predominates and the dog begins to look at the landscape floating in front of the window, which leads to dizziness, nausea and vomiting.

German manufacturers have proposed a universal version of the product that can protect the dog from travel sickness and, in the event of an unforeseen situation, save his life and health.

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This Car seat for dogs has the following noteworthy advantages:

  • A comfortable size
  • is made of velor (this material prevents static loads and can easily be cleaned with commercially available cleaning agents)
  • Thanks to practical and reliable fastenings, the product is fixed firmly on the back seat or the front seat, which offers the owner maximum comfort while driving and full concentration on driving.

The high sides of the Dog seat in the car Cover the view and prevent the animal sickness. The pet even sits conveniently in Autos seat at the front but also in the back seat, and in the event of an unexpected brake, the soft side of the product plays the role of an airbag and protects the dog from breaks, bruises and other injuries.

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Design options for dog seats in the car

True comfort connoisse Car seats for dogs Often off and justify their decision with the fact that the Dog seat in the car anything but perfect neither in front nor in the back seat. This is a wrong opinion, since modern manufacturers pay no less attention to the design than the security and reliability of a Dog car seat.

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For the production of many models of Dog car seats If it is common to choose strict fabric tones that are selected to match the interior of the vehicle.

For small pets that don't have much fur, you can choose an isofix version that you can easily cover the longest routes at any time.

“Veterinarians remind you that the security of a dog requires the owner's constant attention. And the car seat is a great opportunity to create the most convenient conditions for travel! ”

The number of owners who choose car seats for their pets is steadily increasing. And if such products were only found in 1-2% of drivers three years ago, there is one today Car seat for dogs An integral part of the car equipment for every 5th breeder.

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