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In this post we reveal you like you accident Dog car seat Use crockery with restraint and what is essential for a safe ride with your dog in a car.

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What should you know about travel safety with pets?

Pet owners have many reasons to take their furry friend on summer trips - and to ensure that they transport him safely, should have top priority.


There are a few basic security precautions that you should take into account when you are traveling with your furry friend, including restraint systems, current health checks and vaccinations as well as pet-friendly travel sites, all of water and utterances until contained to dog pockets.


If you plan to take your dog on a drive, then we have put together a few tips and the best rated and feasurable transport boxes, cages and safety screen.

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Safety measures for pets on the road: transport boxes, car seats and safety roofs

Just as people in the event of an accident should carry seat belts, dogs should properly strapped in an accident-safe restraint system, be it a closed pet bag or a travel safety tableware.

These restraint systems not only reduce the likelihood of serious injury to their dog in an accident - they can prevent it from being "to escape in the car and distract the driver," says Kristen L. Nelson, author of "the life of a veterinary."

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Which types of travel transport agents for Pets are there?

For dogs According to our experts, there are three basic types of transport arts on the market: transport boxes and cages, car seats (or seats) and safety screen.

  • Dog carrier: These are usually covered housings that can be strapped with a seat belt or the latch / ISOFIX anchorages of the vehicle. "There are two types of carriers: those who only prevent distraction, and those who offer impact protection," said Lindsey Wolko, Founder of the Center for Pet Safety (CPS), a registered nonprofit and stakeholders' organization, the author retention systems and car accident tests tests restraint devices for pets. These carriers should stay connected and closed during the journey.

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  • Transport boxes and boxes: These are usually larger and heavier than carrier. "Impact protection boxes have strength-related anchors, with which the transport box is attached via the available connections in the cargo space on the vehicle," says Wolko.
  • Automobile-Dog seat: According to Wolko, these are normally no curvature devices. You can serve as a freeze seat or seat increases, and some can be anchored with the seat belt or attached to the console. Others like a fishing glove look like.
  • Seat belts: Usually used in conjunction with the safety belt system of the vehicle and a car seat, travel straps can securely secure your pet in your car if you are accident-secure.

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Although all these restrictions essentially meet the same function, there are for Each option advantages and disadvantages. However, one remains the same for all options: Pets should never be placed on the front seat, but on the back seat or in the cargo space of the vehicle. "Car seats should never be placed on the front seat as the airbags can violate or kill the pet," said Nelson.

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When buying, pay attention to "Dog Car Seat's weight and resource guidelines, to make sure it fits your pet safe and comfortable," Jamie Richardson, BvetMed, advised, medical chief at Small Door Veterinary. "If a strap or seat is too big, you can win out while driving, resulting in a distracting and dangerous situation." There are over our online shop 30 Various articles around the travel safety of your dear four-legged friends.


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