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Sometimes we all need a little upswing in our lives and their little pet is no different. There are many situations in which you may have to withdraw them from the ground to their and their probably. So why buy a dog carriage bag?

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1) Security

The hustle and bustle of outdoor life can be very intimidating for a small dog, especially when he is an anxious type.

One Dog pocket is a great way to give your dog security and a sense of security. The design of a pet carriage is particularly pleasant since she sits over her chest and keeps her dog very close.

2) protection

Unfortunately, the real and present danger is that aggressive dogs are out of control and represent a threat to their little ones.

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3) Vorpensocialization

Dog pockets And dog carrying bags give you the opportunity to bring your puppy to the public and get used to the world around him while at the same time safely and protected. If your puppy has not completed its vaccinations, allowing you to take a dog carrying bag to take it out, but keep it away from the ground.


4) Health

dogs Need time to recover from diseases and injuries. A dog carrier offers you the necessary protection and support during your rehab and helps you to get you outside for exercise and toilet tasks.

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6) Heat

Many Dog pockets Have a cuddly plush inner lining that can help keep your little little at a cold day - especially for very small breeds that feel the cold.


7) Transport

A transport box makes the transport of your dog to the breeze, whether in the car or in public transport. If you are considering to take your dog in an airplane, there are very specific requirements - for more information Read our former blog post about the entrainment of your dog on a domestic flight.

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What should you pay attention to when buying a dog carrier?


Dog tote bags On the market and something for every taste and purse, where do you start? In order to help you with the selection, in our opinion, there is some important considerations that help you to make good investment:



Of course - if you entrust your valuable puppy to a wearer, he must not let you down, so you do not save. Make sure that it is made of a prestigious brand made of high quality materials that exist. Pay attention to reinforced seams and guidelines for maximum carrying weight.

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Ensure adequate ventilation so your pet feels comfortable. Mesh inserts promote good air circulation and also offer your curious dog a window to the outside world.



Look for additional features such as integrated snap hooks. You can attach the collar of your pet to the carabiner, an excellent idea if your dog is a wannabe Escapologist!


Sleeping options

Transport boxes with side access flaps are a clever idea if you plan to take your pet overnight anywhere. Roll the plate up and your pet can go in and go out and sleep, whenever it wants.

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A stretcher gets grubby over time and there can be one or the other small accident. Choose an easy to clean wear to keep it longer and smells better.


Strap and handles

You may prefer a shoulder strap or handles. Some transport boxes have both. It's good to think how to use it, and choose the style that works best.



Bonus functions such as storage bags and matching fecal bag holder make life a little easier with your dog.


Best PETS offers a number of excellent dog carrying bags. Choose the right one for your four-legged friend and your dog will feel like a true king.

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