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Finding out what you should feed your cat can be difficult enough - if not the question of how to feed your cat? What kind of Cats You choose (or none of them - more on that later) can make up the difference in the eating habits and health of your cat. Let's take a look at these six tips:

1. Avoid Plastic foods for cat food.

The way you present your cat's food is just as important as the type of food that eats it. Bacteria and oil collect in the scratches of the plastic material and can cause cat acne that appears in the form of black dots on your cat's chin.

Select instead Hold Or ceramics, says Marilyn Krieger, a certified consultant for cat behavior in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is also known as The Cat Coach.

Cat bar

2. Take into account the Height of the cat bowls.

Cats prefer Cuffs And bowls that are pretty flat and wide. If cats put their face too far into the bowls to eat, they can feel discomfort, says Krieger.

"Some cats are very sensitive to the feeling of the shell around their little mustache," explains Krieger. “It may not be comfortable for you. You could use your paws to eat out of the Catznapf gain weight.“

Krieger says that cats with one deep bowl Maybe also feel uncomfortable when he prevents them from looking up when eating to see their surroundings.

Dr. Leticia Dantas, D.V.M., M.S. and Ph.D., as well as a faculty member of the behavioral medical service of the Veterinary Teacher Hospital of the University of Georgia in Athens, says that the mustache irritating theory about deep, narrow shells is not scientifically proven.

Nevertheless, she repeats the idea that most cats best get along with flat bowls.

3. Some cats need different Food bowls.

What if you have a cat with a flat face like a Persian cat? Buy special dishes that are increased and slightly bent so that it is easier for your flat -faced kitten from the Bowl Warrior recommends eating.


4. Think about where you have yours Catshums set up.

Also think about the placement of the Catshums after, advises warrior. You don't want to eat next to your toilet, put them Cuffs So not close to the cat toilets. Put the Cuffs in private areas of the house so that passersby do not stress the cats while eating. And if you have more than one cat, put them Catshums Not too close together - cats are loners and are irritated if another cat eats too close to them.

5. Ensure good bowl hygiene.

Wash the Catshums Best with water and soap every day, says Krieger. Cat dry food tends to be oily so that bacteria can accumulate and smell. If you feed wet food to your cat, wash them Cuffs After each use.

6. Go over Catshums out.


You can address the inner playful hunter of your cat by Catshums For dry food use.

“It's not just that Bowl; There are many other ways to feed cats, ”says Krieger. "Let your cat hunt a little by placing pieces here and there."

"You can let your imagination run wild," says Krieger. “You don't just have to use the standard and conservative bowl. You can do that too, but then you mix it with others. "

Dr. Dantas, who is also a diplomat of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorist, recommends the use of conventional bowls For wet food, but prefers food puzzles and toys for dry food. "It is good for your mental health and also increases your physical activity," she says.

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