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A large number of surveys have proven that today we are more time and money for our pets than for other people. If you want to show off your cat -like friend, one of the best investments would be a climbing board.

Especially when you keep getting your kitten about how it scratches furniture and jumps on kitchen worktops. The next piece of furniture in which you have to invest is one Climbing wall. Here are 6 reasons why climbing wall for the health of your kitten are an advantage.

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1. gives you personal freedom

Cats are not as sociable as dogs. There will be times when you want to roll up next to you on the couch, but then there will be more times when you would like to be alone. Especially when other pets live in the household. The tree will offer you a safe space that only belongs to you.

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2. It is entertaining

If you have a domestic cat, there is a possibility that it will be curious after a few months. You will find them hopping on the fridge or high cupboards. They have to be entertained. If you have no structure that you can climb on, your furniture will unfortunately fall victim to.


A climbing board, especially very high, can offer hours of fun. Kitten can jump from perch to perch and play with the toys attached to it. If your cat shows behavioral problems, a tree can fix it.

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3. Exercise

Yes, her four -legged fury friend enjoys a nap. Just like dogs, need too Cats Movement. So that you can keep a healthy weight, you have to play around, jump and move.


Trees offer a structure that enables your kitten to get the necessary movement without having to lead it to the leash.


Especially if you are not at home for a long time, it will Climbing wall With all its extras for cats employ and employ. This will prevent you from passing your boredom by scratching sofas and chairs.

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4. To keep cats in chess

Some kittens are susceptible for Fear. They hide under beds and furniture when they bring a new pet into the house when there is a loud noise or when guests come by.


A feeling of security can be created if you provide your shy kitten a climbing board. Spray some catnip onto the base bars and see how your furry friend gets anxious and calm. From then on, your pet will associate the tree as a safe harbor when danger lurks.

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5. Share is caring

We all know that Cats are extremely territorial. If you two male Cats Have the perfect solution offers the perfect solution. It is for Your mental health is extremely important to ensure that all of yours Cats Feel safe and at home.


Consider large climbing boards for size Cats With a variety of different heights and percussion rods. Each cat will be able to mark its own area and together they can exist in peace.

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6. Control tower

All cat owners know that they like to feel like the king of the castle. Therefore, climb up on raised furniture. You can sit there for hours and look down on your modest servants.


If you give your cat a high tower, she will get a feeling of control. Instead of scratching her furniture and leaving hair on the fridge. You will be able to clean and stare while sitting on the highest level of the tree.


Make sure you place the high structure in an area in which you can see the living room. It is also a good idea to place it near a window. When you see that your wall for Cats Not used, you have to change your position in the house. Find the perfect place where your cat has the perfect view of the house and everyone else in it.

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