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One Dog carrier tavern is the basic equipment of every dog. Even if you have a small domestic dog that goes mainly on your arms with you, you need a transport box for driving to the vet. This is not a luxury, but a security measure for your dog and a guarantee for the comfort of people in his area. Why does every dog ​​need a means of transport on the go and how do you choose it? Read more about it in our article.

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Why does every dog ​​need a means of transport?


  • security

Imagine you hold your dog in automobile on the lap. At first glance, it may not look that bad. But if the car suddenly brakes or get into an accident (and accidents often happen in road traffic), your dog could fall off your lap, fly in the gap between the seats and suffer serious injuries. Are you really ready to take this risk? We don't hope.

The transport regulations do not stipulate for no reason that pets have to be transported in special boxes. This protects the life and health of your pet and all people in his area.

You have to buy the transport box before your puppy arrives at home. You should take it to the breeder or to the shelter.


  • Protection against stress

Not every dog ​​likes travel and long stretches. There are pets for which the veterinary practice go, even if they live next door, can become a quite torture. He will tremble, be anxious, flinch with every sound and try to hide and run away.

Or you could put a toy in the box filled with treats. Your dog will certainly love this!


  • Prevention of diseases

Carrying a travel transport box limits the contact of your Dog With other animals and reduces the risk of diseases and parasite infections.


  • Possibility to travel

Regardless of the means of transport you travel, whether by car, bus, train, the ship or the plane, pets must be accommodated in special boxes, according to regulations. In most cases, you cannot guide your pet from the country without a transport box.

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The transport of your pet in a transport box is quite comfortable for both the animal and the owner.

The container offers the dog its own mini apartment with all the trimmings: water bowl, toys, treats and other travel utensils. The dog does not have to look for shelter between other passengers, do not hide under the feet of the passengers and not be braised under the seats. And the owner knows that his pet is safely accommodated, well ventilated and equipped with everything it needs.


  • Security for people in the area

It is strange, but not all people in the world like dogs. But seriously: Many people are afraid of dogs.

The people in their surroundings will feel much more comfortable if their dog is housed in a dog transport box and they have no direct contact with him. You as a dog owner will also benefit from it. After all, it is anything but sure that your pet enjoys society from strangers.

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The main thing is that your dog does not freeze or overheat and that he feels comfortable and safe. So you will probably need more than one bag. A summer bag will be cold in winter, and a winter bag (or a half -seasonal bag) will be warm in summer because your pet has a certain fur.

There are several types of sponsors:

  • Fabric bags that look like a comfortable women's shopping bag, but have a peep hole for your dog's head. Ideal for dogs with a weight of up to 7 kg;
  • Boxing: These are more of a frame bag with a rigid floor. You can be in the form of a suitcase or a sports bag. Suitable for medium -sized breeds;
  • Trap bags: These are among the most popular means of transport and are ideal for calm pets;
  • A padded carrier bag that resembles a backpack with the difference that your pet is always in the owner's field of vision because it is worn in front.
  • Plastic carrier: These can have handles and bikes for more comfort;
  • Stroller - carrier bags that a large dog can also fit.

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How do you choose a dog carrier bag?


If you are planning a trip, find out in advance about the provisions for the promotion of pets in the individual countries. Every company can have different requirements for the carriers - size, weight and specific construction. Make sure that your freight forwarder meets the requirements of the company you have chosen. Otherwise, they may be rejected shortly before departure at the airport.


- Your means of transport must be the right size for your dog. If you have a puppy, you should buy a container that corresponds to the size of your adult dog. In this way, unnecessary additional costs can be avoided later.


- Make sure that the transport basket is so large that your dog can get up comfortably without tilting your head.


- Prefer tap bags with a firm, stable structure: you hold your shape and protect your dog from injuries.


- Make sure that your luggage rack has a stable, continuous and waterproof soil. He should be able to carry the weight of your dog and offer plenty of space.


-Fall on the grip. It should be stable and lie well in the hand.


- The transport box must be well ventilated so that your dog doesn't get too stuffy. Make sure that your dog cannot put your head or paws through the ventilation openings.


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- The locking mechanism must ensure that the door does not accidentally open and the dog does not fall out. Prefer a container with a metal door.


These are basic principles that will help you make the right choice. You can ask questions on our website and read the reviews of the models you like.

At best pets we offer a number of excellent dog carrier bags. Choose the right one for your four -legged friend and your dog will feel like a real king.

We wish you good luck when buying and hope that your dog will cope well with his new means of transport!

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