Sleeping places for dogs

You actually knew: You spend a third of your life in bed (even more if you sleep in your puppy like me on Sunday morning), so make more of your attention to choose the right bed. But have you ever wondered how you can do the perfect one Dog league also select for your beloved pet?

As nice as it is to cuddle with your puppy in bed (you caught me! I'm one of them too ...), your dog needs his or her own firm place to sleep.

The average dog spends between 12 and 14 hours of sleep every day, it is awake for another 7 hours, but still relaxed. Therefore, the choice of the perfect dog bed is crucial to give your pet comfort and care that needs it to rest, relax and regenerate.

I do not need to explain to you that dogs are naturally active. You enjoy exploring your favorite couple shoes, sniffing, playing and might chewing. With an active lifestyle, just like humans, you have to give you your own place to charge your inner batteries and create your own refuge with stress.

The choice of the perfect bed can feel impossible with various dog beds for all breeds, sizes and sleeping positions.

Bed for dogs

What are So the most important steps?


What should I do with one Dog league Note?

Dog lying There are in all shapes and sizes!


The right dog bed offers a perfect retreat for your furry four -legged friend. Just because your dog likes to sleep on the carpet or floor does not mean that he does not need his own bed in which he can just fall in at night or if he can rest.


However, it is not just Comfortthat their four -legged friends need.


Dogs need certain structural support to prevent injuries, arthritis and calluses. The older your puppy gets, the more likely painful injuries or orthopedic problems occur. That is why the perfect dog bed supports your dog's musculoskeletal system.


Finally, the perfect dog bed fits the existing furnishings of your house. Let's be honest, nobody wants that hectic Dog loungers for outside Hide as soon as guests knock on the door.


You are a fashion -conscious pet owner (that's why you also read this post 😉) And your choice of dog's bed should reflect your personal style.


Ok, short summary: The right dog bed combined in itself:


  • Comfort
  • Health -promoting
  • style


Are you ready to find the perfect bed for your puppy? Follow our simple 5-step roadmap and you will be under the Dog lying Find.

Sleeping places for dogs

Step 1: Who is this dog lounger for? Take into account your dog's behavior and health


Every day, your dog gives you information about the type of bed he wants, you just have to start decrypting his signals.


Does your dog suffer from anxiety, for example, and use his bed as a place to relax? Consider a nest bed with elevated edges to create a feeling of security and protection.


Or does your dog love nothing but to spread to sleep? A large cushion bed in an open style offers you the legroom you want and comfort.


Dog behavior also refers to your tendency to chew. Problem workers need durable beds that cannot be torn into pieces while they are in the shops. If you choose longevity, you have to Dog league Replace not year after year, and that will help you save money in the long term.


The best Dog loungers for large dogs Have a spacious zipping opening and a zipper protection to protect your soils and prevent your tough friend from playing with the zipper head.


Finally, take into account the current and future health problems of your dog. Some dogs may have special health needs when it comes to beds. For example, older dogs or dogs with joint problems benefit from an orthopedic or memory foam bed, into which they can easily get on and out and that supports their body.

Dog stays

Step 2: Adjust the bed size to dog size


Sure, this step sounds obvious, but so many dog ​​owners do it wrong !!!


No dog wants to sleep on the floor with the paws, so the bed you choose for your dog should be large enough so that it can be comfortably in all positions.


Many of the smaller dogs like beds in which they can cuddle. So if you choose a small bed for a small dog breed, feel safe and cuddled as if you are returning to your days in the cave with your throwing siblings.


Our Best-Pets Shop Recommendation: With every carefully thought -out detail, the dog bed is a pure safe harbor for your big fur baby, in which it can retreat to its own cozy nest at any time of the day. This XXL dog lounger For large breeds, it was lovingly designed to cause a feeling of security and to serve as a savior for every dog ​​that becomes a little scared.


If you are not sure which dog bed size you need, measure your pet from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail. This will tell you which length of the XXL dog bed you need so that all limbs fit comfortably to bed. Next measure from the shoulders to the ground. This level indicates how wide your dog's bed should be, since it is often on the side when sleeping.


We also recommend buying a multi-layer memory foam damping bed, which offers first-class hold and comfort, especially for large dogs.


The unique memory effect, which is referred to as the "cocoon", satisfies all the needs of your beloved dog and reacts to body shape, weight and temperature. With the advanced three-shift technology, this dog bed also promotes air circulation and ensures a cooling effect in the warmer months.


Are you not sure which dog bed size you should choose? Send us an email with the breed, length and weight of your dog and we will send you free tips and suggestions. 😊

 Sleeping places for dogs

Step 3: Choose an easy -care Dog league


Keeping a dog bed clean can be quite a challenge, especially if your dog breed loses a lot of fur.


The perfect dog bed should therefore be easy to clean. After all, you don't want to keep sneezing and struggling to clean a bed covered with fur by hand. In the long term, this means scrubing your dog's bed by hand and being responsible for removing annoying skins, dirt, floharoves and drops of water. Even if you are able to remove dirt and dirt, the neutralization of dog smell can remain a challenge.


Always check whether the connection of your preferred bed is removable and washable. A washable cover is a necessity because it gets pretty dirty over time. The choice of a washable dog's bed also means that lost fur hair can be easily sucked off, while stains and smells disappear without any problems when washing.


Remember to remove all foam inserts before washing, and do not forget to ventilate and desodorize the inner part of your dog bed while the cover dries!


Our recommendation: If you are looking for a easily washable dog bed, our characteristic linen Dream cover is easy to clean and will survive the competition. This dirt -repellent, color -right and fast drying bed is ideal if you have an easy -care Dog league Wish for your pet.

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Step 4: a dog - a Sleeping place!


I am often asked how many beds a dog should have.


Seeing several puppies on the same bed is delightful, and their dogs enjoy crushing each other as they would have done in their throwing days. But it is best to have at least one bed per dog.


This minimizes any competitive behavior and offers all dogs a retreat if you need a little break from the day.


If your dogs like to cuddle together, consider the purchase of an additional dog bed that is large enough so that you can easily share it. If it is time to withdraw for a relaxing night's sleep, you can make a few snoring from yourself without being kicked or being pushed onto the floor.


Step 5: fit the Dog league To your interior design


This step is often overlooked when choosing the right dog bed and leads to problems if you feel the need to remove your dog's bed from society.


Your dog is an extension of your life, and after you have run through each of the steps that I have outlined today, make sure that your choice of bed fits your home aesthetically.


The simplest approach is to try the Dog league To adapt to the overall picture of the room in which they are kept. If your room is modern and light -flooded, you want a dog bed that is just as modern and neutral, etc.


The bed you choose for your dog should be fashionable and complement your style as a modern pet owner. This means that you don't have to run to hide the ugly, stinking, worn dog bed in the closet under the stairs when you have guests (it is okay, we had already experienced it all before).

Sleeping places for dogs

Okay, let's summarize what we are about to choose the best dog lounger have learned:


  • The selection of the best dog bed is not difficult as soon as you have a roadmap that you can follow.


  • Remember that the perfect Dog league There is enough upholstery and support to prevent injuries, calluses and orthopedic problems. If your dog is older, you should have one Dog league Consider the maximum comfort from memory foam.


  • Your dog's bed should be big enough so that he can sleep in any position without hitting the floor, and consider wall beds when your puppy is anxious. Machine -washed dog beds are ideal because they are easy and quick to clean, while the style of your new dog is to fit your home.


There is nothing better than watching your pet to snoring and sleeping, and now you can Dog league at choose.

Sleeping places for dogs

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