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Where should your pet sleep at night? Well, when you snuggle up next to your dog or cat at night, you clearly have cozy company. A sleep behavior survey found that a whopping 71 percent of pet owners sleep with their four-legged friends.


Dog owners say sleeping with their four-legged friends makes them feel more comfortable and safe. This feeling clearly seems to be mutual. A 2020 British study of pet sleeping habits found that 85 percent of puppies chose to sleep close to their master.


So where are the best ones?Sleeping places for our pets?


sleeping place for dogs

1. Share the bed with your four-legged friend

According to an article byPsychologyTodayThere is a growing body of research showing positive outcomes and benefits of sleeping with pets, including for people with sleep disorders and medical conditions.


Does sleeping close to your dog make them more confident?

Many trainers believe that pets who sleep in their owner's bed become dominant or spoiled. However, experts from the American Kennel Club (AKC) say that when well-adjusted, well-behaved dogs share a bed with their owners, it's not a problem.


In an article ofWhole Dog Journalwrites certified dog trainer Pat Miller, "The dog that wants to sleep on your bed isn't trying to take over the world.


He just wants to be close to his people and comfortable!” If your pet exhibits negative behavioral tendencies in bed, send him to a separate sleeping area and enlist the help of a trainer, my AKC Experts.

sleeping place for dogs

advantages of a jointplace to sleep with your pet

  • An interesting onestudywith 962 adult women in the US found that dogs were less disruptive to sleep than human partners and provided a greater sense of comfort and security.
  • Research shows that being close to our dogs reduces stress and lowers our heart rate. So sleeping with our dogs can make for a more restful night.
  • Experts say sleeping with pets strengthens human-pet bonds.

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Disadvantages of a jointplace to sleep with your pet

  • Untrained dogs can have accidents in bed.
  • Sleeping with pets is not healthy for allergy sufferers.
  • Depending on the size of your bed, large pets can hog the covers and space. Dogs that snore, are restless or bark when there is outside noise also make it difficult to sleep through the night.

2. Crate Training: SeparatedSleeping place for your pet


According toAKCCrate training is an essential part of housebroken puppies or newly adopted dogs as they don't like soiling their sleeping quarters. When introduced properly and at a young age, many dogs see their crate as a safe place to relax and sleep.


It is important to choose a quality and soft box pad that will provide your pet with a warm, comfortable bed. Once they're housebroken and past the destructive chewing stage, some pet owners choose to give the pet a treatSleeping place for your pets at nightto leave open.


Make sure theSleeping place for your petis the right size


Your pet should be able to stand up, move about, and lie down comfortably in their crate.Best-Pets.shopprovides a helpful crate size chart along with instructions on how to measure your dog when choosing a crate.

sleeping place for dogs

Advantages of using a separatedsleeping place for pets(crates, boxes)


  • Putting your young pets safely in a sleeping box at night will allow you to sleep peacefully.
  • Sleep crates provide a safe place for newly adopted pets who may feel unsafe in their new home.
  • Crates are a safe option for older pets who suffer from nighttime sleepwalking.


Disadvantages of using a crate

If your pet isn't crate trained from a young age, he may not like being in an enclosed onesleeping placeto sleep.

If crate training is not done properly, some pets may see it as punishment. So crates are not a good option for pets with separation anxiety.


orthopedic dog bed

3. Sleeping in a dog, cat bed


Many dogs and cats enjoy curling up or stretching out on their own comfortable beds. When it comes to designs, there's certainly no shortage of options. You can choose between traditional round dog beds and those built like miniature sofas, chaise longues, throw pillows or canopy beds. It is important that the bed is comfortable and gives your dog a restful sleep.


Adjust the bed to your pet

Orthopedic beds with a firm, dense memory foam mattress are a good choice for older dogs with arthritis. According to the AKC, dogs who love to cuddle will appreciate it in shaggy, soft, oversized onessleeping placesto sink or curl up in plush tent beds. Large, durable mattress beds are a good choice for plus-sized breeds that like to stretch out at night.

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4. Let your dog besleeping placeSelect


Some pets like to change theirs at nightsleeping place. They may fall asleep next to you on the bed only to move onto the couch a few hours later. In the morning you might find them snuggled up in their own bed. As long as your sleep is uninterrupted and your dog isn't up to mischief, it's okay to give him choices about where he sleeps.


Ultimately, when it comes to where your pet should sleep at night, it comes down to making sure you and your pet are getting the right amount of sleep to stay healthy. Just make sure that when you turn off the light, your furry pal has access to a comfortable spot to rest his head, whether it's next to you or in his crate.

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