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Most four -legged pets will always accompany their owners in the car. It is a great way to spend time together, to see many new places and even take a walk in the forest or in the country. Often it is a family outing in which everyone rides along without exception. But while caring parents always buy a car seat for children, not everyone thinks of the safety of their pets.

Car seats for small dogs are usually considered luxury items, because the animal snuggles into the owner's arms or chooses a place under the car seat. But did you know how many animals are killed or injured in car accidents? Statistics show that about 40 percent of dogs die in a car in frontal mutilation and another 30 percent are seriously injured.

AutoBett dog trunk

Why do you need one Dog seat in the car?


At first glance, this doesn't seem to be really important. In truth, however, it can save the life and health of your pet and other passengers. Experts found in long studies that most accidents are caused by the driver's inattentiveness.


  • He is distracted by a conversation with passengers, a meal at the wheel or a jerky movement of the pet. This is enough so that the driver overlooks a delicate situation on the street and not only endangered the dog, but also all passengers.


  • It is also not unusual for a passing motorcyclist or a sudden, sharp sound frighten a dog. In panic it could jump to the front seat and cause an accident. The ideal solution to prevent this is a car seat.


  • Veterinarians also point out that the view from the side window in dogs with a poor balance often triggers travel sickness. It is not always possible for the owner to persuade his dog to stand still while driving, but the dog's natural curiosity predominates. And the dog is interested in the environment, which leads to dizziness, nausea and vomiting.

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Which dog car seat is the right one for you?


The manufacturers have developed a unit size that protects their dog from seasickness and gets it alive in an unforeseen traffic accident.

It has a convenient size and is made of velor. This material prevents the development of static electricity and can easily be cleaned with normal cleaning agents. Practical and fixed brackets fix the product firmly on the back or front seat, so that the owner can concentrate relaxed on driving.

The high sides of the car seat cover the view and prevent your pet from becoming seasick. Pets sit comfortably, while the soft sides of the seat look like an airbag in an unexpected impact and protect their dog from breaks, bruises and other injuries.

AutoBett dog trunk

Design options for dog car seats


Real comfort lovers lean on the purchase of Dog car seats Often on the grounds that the products are anything but perfect. This is a misconception, because modern manufacturers attach great importance to the design as to the safety and reliability of car seats.

In many models, it is common to choose simple fabric tones that fit seamlessly into the interior of the vehicle. But for the creative, fun -loving owner there are always colorful, extravagant designs that match the personality of the animal.

For smaller pets without much fur, there is an isolated version with which you can easily cover long distances even in the toughest winter.

Veterinarians should remind you that the security of a dog requires the owner's constant attention. And a car seat is the perfect way to create the most convenient conditions for travel!

AutoBett dog trunk

What about the dog seat in the car these days?


The number of pet owners who choose a car seat for their pet is constantly increasing. While three years ago only 1 to 2 % of drivers had such a seat, today every fifth has a dog car seat as an integral part of the interior of his car.




However, one thing remains the same for all options: Pets should never be placed in the front seat, but on the back seat or in the loading space of the vehicle. "Car seats should never be placed in the front seat because the airbags can injure or kill the pet," explains Nelson.

When buying, “check the weight and size guidelines of the dog car seat to ensure that it fits your pet safely and comfortably”, advised Jamie Richardson, Bvetmed, medical staff at Small Door Veterinary. "If a belt or seat is too large, you can get out of the way while driving, which leads to a distracting and dangerous situation."

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AutoBett dog trunk

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