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Scratch for cats may seem bulky, but they knew that they were the key to undesirable behavior at Cats to prevent? That's how it works.

Cats Love to have your own place to oversleep the day while your owners are busy working to make money to buy new toys. Structures that are known as "scratch trees" are available in different sizes and shapes and are great additions for Your home to make your furry cat happy.

Cats Love to be high, where you have a great view of everything that is going on in the house. Most scratching trees have high percussion rods, where their cat rolls together, feel safe and can come away from this terrible dog! The structure near a window also offers you a great natural channel that you can watch when you are alone at home.

Many scratch trees have different levels or steps and a closed area in which your cat can squeeze to hide, as domestic cats like to do. Choose a tree that meets your cat's needs.

For example, if your cat is happy to hide, make sure your tree has an area for it. Many are delivered with an attached toy that offers their kitten important and enriching play options while they are gone. Many also have scratching trees that are a great addition if they do not want to have a torn sofa. Scratching trees are an all-in-one cat palace for Her dear four -legged friends, in which she can stay and feel safe.

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1. A scratch tree for The scratch requirement


All cats, whether large or small, have to scratch the instinct by nature. They pull their front claws onto a surface to spread their fragrance, stretch their muscles and remove the outer shell of their claws to expose a sharper layer. While outdoor cats prefer trees and fence posts, domestic cats probably turn to their sofa or furniture to satisfy their scratch needs.


Place one scratch tree Near your cat's favorite scratching area to encourage her, leave the sofa and instead use this chic new tower. You will be surprised by the result!

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2. Climbing wall for athlete


Cats are real athletes. Thanks to their muscular hind legs and their strong back, they can run like the wind, jump to incredible heights and climb the highest trees. In order to satisfy your climbing needs, domestic cats often transform the curtains or the fly grid door into your personal Mount Everest. Give your adventurous kitten one scratch treeto bring it back to earth.

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3. A break from the hustle and bustle


Life around the house can be hectic. Treat your shy kitten a special place where it can hide from chaos. Most scratching trees have a cozy hiding place in which their cat will feel at home. Add your cat's favorite ceiling to offer additional comfort if necessary.

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4. Kitty observatory


One Cat Of course, it loves to sit high so that she can keep an eye on her surroundings. A high one scratch tree Allows her cat to watch what is going on in the house while she knows that she is out of the reach of disgusting dogs or wild children. Additional bonus: if you have one scratch tree Set up at the window, your cat can see nature television for free in your absence.

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5th game tower for Cat lovers


Scratch trees are amazing vertical playgrounds, all the more for households with several cats. Prepare to ensure that your dear four -legged friends run up and down the tree and hunt each other, touch the scratches from various platforms or play hiding places in the many hiding places. As soon as their furry four -legged friends have used up their excess energy, it is less likely to keep them awake at night. Well, that's something we could all stand behind.

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Additional advantages of Catit Vesper scratch trees


A Catit Vesper is for life! The high -quality layer plates with removable pillows and mats make the furniture super easy to care for. Is a certain part of the scratch tree worn out despite good care? Almost all mats, pillows and scratching trees are available as spare parts. Accompany us on our trip to a more sustainable future.

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