5 berühmteste Hunde der Geschichte

Dogs, even those of famous people, can often become heroes for very different reasons.

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Dogs, even those of famous people, can often become heroes for very different reasons. Four-legged pets unexpectedly appear on the sets of films or attract the attention of others with their incredible actions, which are reported in the media. Stories are well known, and such cases in which our four-legged friends became famous on their own without the involvement of their owners and even after many years most of their actions are still associated with their names. We present you a list of the 5 most famous dogs in history:

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laika - this dog became known to the world on November 3, 1957, when he was placed in the capsule of the Soviet satellite "Sputnik 2", in which he was launched into Earth orbit. Found on the streets of Moscow, Laika was the first animal to travel into space. Unfortunately, her story ends tragically - the dog died of overheating within hours of launch.

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fala - For many years, this Scottish Terrier served one of the most influential people of his time, the President of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. This dog witnessed important political decisions that left their mark on history. No wonder, since Fala became part of the famous monument erected in honor of President Roosevelt. You can see him in Washington.

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The Giants is the fictional nickname of the cute Chihuahua dog who starred in two episodes of the legendary comedy Legally Blonde. Some argue that it is thanks to the film that the breed became so popular around the world - too bad these dogs are more commonly associated with the vanity and stupidity of their owners.

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barry is the best-known rescue dog, who was a loyal helper on the St. Bernhard between 1800 and 1814 and, according to available data, saved at least 40 people from the avalanche debris. It was Barry, wearing around his neck a jar of warm tea meant for lost tourists. This dog has formed the familiar image (see photo above) of a St. Bernard.

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Balto — this Siberian Husky dog — is an idol to the people of the United States, especially those living in Alaska. Balto became famous for the fact that in 1925 he delivered the vaccine to the city of Nome, which was engulfed by an epidemic and cut off from the world due to a blizzard raging in it. This brave dog was able to cope with the dire conditions and eventually reached its destination, along with an emaciated and blinded driver who brought medicine. A monument was erected in honor of Balto.


These dogs became known all over the world, although they did not aspire to this at all, but only helped people and stood by them when they were needed. Dogs are ready to help people in everything and, as all of the above proves, not for the sake of glory, but simply for love.

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