Wall mounted cat scratching post


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cat scratching post

Your pet likes to scratch corners - then our scratching post will suit your pet.
It happens that the pet already scratches an angle - then that becomesscratch treeFok will be an excellent solution to all his creativity. After installing the scratching post, the pet will love this place even more - tested by customers.

  • A scratching post made of solid oak or ash.
  • cotton ropehas an attractive appearance, natural, looks stylish and neat. When operating, it is not shaken and leaves no garbage.
  • It is characterized by durability. Will serve 3-5 years.

Completely handmade.
products under the order.
Production time is 7-14 days


  1. length 70cm; from the corner 10 cm
  2. length 90cm; from the corner 10 cm
  3. length 130cm; from the corner 11 cm


wood, cotton rope

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When a cat moves into the house, acat scratching postthe perfect solution!

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