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scratch tree

In the house where the cat lives, the scratching post is one of the main attributes. With these accessories, the pet can sharpen its claws, and the cat's owner will ensure the safety of the furniture and walls in the house.
When you treat your pet with a uniquescratch treewant to pamper yourself, which also fits stylishly into the interior of the house - contact our shop.
Model for modern interiors and for the most popular cats.

  • Interesting model, unusual shapes and lines
  • Made from solid oak and plywood
  • The drum is not scrolled when used, there is a latch. If desired, can be rotated for even abrasion of the carpet layer.

Completely handmade.
products under the order.
Production time is 7-14 days

Size: height 30cm, width 40cm, diameter 21cm


wood, plywood

item number

roll cnc

Do you want oneBuy a scratching post for your cat? With us you will find over 100 cat trees and cat trees in all shapes and sizes.

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