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cat house

The Boden House is oneCapsule for catsand dogs with a transparent hemispherical window.
It is a good observation spot for your pet and a place for their privacy. It is designed for jumping and climbing. Holes for games are provided in the house. It can be used as a separate element and as part of the game complex for your pet.

This model is made in different colors and sizes M- L- XL- XXL- :

  • Size M: Ø 37 cm, (LхHхW) 50 х 39.4 х 48 cm
  • Size L: Ø 37 cm, (LхHхW) 60 х 39.4 х 48 cm
  • Size XL: Ø 42 cm, (LхHхW) 67 х 44.4 х 53 cm
  • Size XXL: Ø 42 cm, (LхHхW) 77 х 44.4 х 53 cm
  • Size L, XL, XXL - Suitable for medium and large breeds

Easy to clean from dirt, the use of detergents is possible.


Wood veneer, transparent impact-resistant Plexiglas, acrylic paint, acrylic varnish

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