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cat scratching post

Scratching is a natural need of cats, they sharpen their claws and relieve stress. Provide your house tiger with enough scratching opportunities to protect furniture, walls and carpets.
The 63cm highscratch sticksuitable for medium-sized cats. Size L is suitable for large breeds. A stylish, up-to-date design with a long service life will perfectly complement your interior.

  • Protects the walls from cat attacks
  • Built-in mounts for toys
  • Simple self-assembly is required

Wipe off the stained parts with a damp, clean cloth, and tape the pulley with tape.

Set: scratch point set, soft pads, wrench, assembly instructions

Size M: 63*37cm
Large: 86*48cm


Cotton rope, birch plywood, MDF, environmentally friendly varnishes and paints

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Tip-top black

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