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Dog/Cat Carrier Flight Bag

From time to time we all have to take our pets with us on the car, bus or train and we all know how stressful this experience can be for us as owners and for our pets. This exclusive dog bag solves each of these problems. The padded bottom allows your pet to travel in comfort, with breathable mesh panels so they can see the outside world.

We introduce our uniqueAirplane Pet Bagbefore.
Functions and comfort:

  • Real leather
  • The net is intertwined on both sides
  • Moisture-wicking material inside the bag
  • The rigid bag frame protects your pet
  • The bag has a convenient attachment for a suitcase
  • Hard floor with feet for stability
  • Carabiner for attaching a pet

Completely handmade.
products under the order.
Production time is 7-14 days

  • Size S: for dogs up to 3-4 kg: Mini Yorkie, Maltipoo,toy terrier, chihuahua, spitz, maltese, miniature poodle, lap dog
  • Size M: for dogs up to 8 kg: Beagle, Jack Russell, Cavalier King


natural leather

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