Mission BEST PETS is more than just supplies.
We believe in doing the right thing, cutting above the rest when it comes to product selection and providing natural solutions to your pet's ever-changing needs.


Hello, my name is Christoph Schmitt and I am the owner of this cute shop.

However, I would be very surprised if someone told me about 5 years ago that I would become a pet shop owner.
The family wanted to see me as a doctor, I have a diploma and I have successfully completed an internship.

Nonetheless, I decided to buy pet supplies.

How did it happen? Here's the story.

As a boy I often visited Kasper's grandfather. A good friend of mine was an old dog - a Newfoundland Wolfe, or Wook as my grandfather called him.

Wolfe had his own corner, grandfather made sun loungers for him himself, crocheted wool blankets and even woven beautiful collars. I helped sometimes - I liked that Wuk had his own style and things. Nobody else around had collars like him. Sometimes I wove shoelaces for my hand from leftover leather - that was my style. Once we came back from a walk with Wolfe - and on his bed is sleeping ... a gray cat with stripes. Where from?! I was surprised, Wolfe was even more surprised. He didn't even bark - he just sat by the bed and looked at me and the cat. The cat stayed with my grandfather, we named her Loti. Now grandfather has knitted blankets for her too.

Christoph Schmitt, owner Best-Pets Shop